First massage I had was deep tissue massage on my back for 40 mins and then foot massage for 20, it was SOOO GOOD. Kathleen homed in on my knots on my back and for the days after I felt a lovely release, the foot massage was so relaxing as well it was so good I knew I wanted another. I booked in straight away for another massage as I just love it when I find someone who knows exactly how I like it and am writing the review for this as now, just after. On the second massage I had 10 mins on the back, 20 / 30 on the legs and then 30 mins on the feet. Without me saying, Kathleen was able to tell my left toe was really tight and has released whatever pressure was there somehow, it felt really nice as she was doing it, that toe had been painful for a few years now and really sensitive, it feels so loose and light now! She introduced hot stones as well- it was the first time I’ve had it and they were absolutely lovely!!! Especially on my calves. The pressure was perfect- I like a firm massage where I can tell my muscles have been worked on and Kathleen just intuitively knew how I liked it, the flow of the movements was also perfect, so smooth and relaxing. I FEEL SO GOOD NOW! THANK YOU Kathleen. She is really talented, she told me she had been doing this for 18 years and I can really feel it in her technique. Thank you again